So how you guys doing? Is everything okay? I hope everything is going smoothly and great. So today, 13th March 2015, I'm at home doing nothing (not nothing actually), I ate, bath, slept, and I kinda enjoying myself doing nothing ahhahaha. So I would like to share my so-much-interesting-and-fun life to all of you. I don't know either its fun or not, but I guess it is.
So on 7th December 2014, I was sent to PLKN at Kem Bina Semangat YPJ Sekakap, Mersing. I was blur at first, I was nervous like crazy to meet new friends because you know I'm not a friendly person (really?) hahhaha. Its queit awkward to meet new people who I don't know who are they? Where are they from? So my first mission after I've arrived was actually "HOW TO GET OUT FROM THIS PLACE?" But after two days I've been there, its actually a good place, a nice place and not as worst as people think.
I've met a few of my ex-schoolmates, many of them actually. So I thank to God for giving comfort and can make friends more easy. Hahhahaha. First, I was in Dorm K. A few of them was racist, a few of them was nice, a few of them was crazy like me. And Alhamdulillah my next-to-bed-mate was someone who was crazy like me. I can communicate with her easily. Wait, I think I should show you guys who is she.

There you go!! That is my next-to-bed-mate. Oh and I'm sorry this is obviously our tired face who didn't get enough sleep like we used to hahaha. She is nice, pretty, have a beautiful white skin, oh and she is from KL. For the first time I met her, I was like "OMG SHE MUST BE GROST WITH THIS PLACE" but she is not. For the first time also, I met a girl who from KL who really down to earth. I like her. And before I forget her name is Asriza Nurfitrina Bt Ashaari or you can call her Fit.
Okay enough with Fit hahaha. So after a few days in here, I am happy. Happy with the situation, happy with the surroundings, happy with the people around me, happy with the coaches, happy with the food (no actually) haha but I think they deserved a compliment too. Hahhaha I love all the 'abangs' at the canteen. Hahha they served people with a smile and love hahahahha OMG I think I just lied to everyone. Hahaha
So I was in Delta company. A company that full of naughty Wira and Wirawati. A company that have so many problems hahah. A bad attitude and just a few of them who actually have a really really nice and good attitude. The others? They are nice actually just more naughty than nice hahahhaa. So we've been through KKJ. And we have to do a company flag. Wait, I'll show you guys.

So that is us during the KKJ and that is our flag. Our Delta flag. Proud of it. Its nice. And we've been through a lot of challenges. Our coach, Cikgu Ali has told us that we must take a good care of our flag. Ahaaa thats true because if we are not, we are dying. Yeah really, we were dying. 'WERE' its mean we've lost the flag. FOR TWO TIMES! First, we've been to class, and one of our company soldier, ceh soldier, pon bolehlah, sedap sikit panggil hahaha. Which I don't know who until now, have forgotten to take the flag and put it inside the class. He/She put it outside the class. So one of the coaches there, stole it from us. And serious shit we all freaked out. At the end of the time, Cg Ali said that if we didn't found our flag just wait and see he become a Yahudi. He said he don't even care how to get the flag either you steal it or you make a new one. But with our effort, we've found it and yeah of course we stole it. Hahhaha for the second time, I don't want to share it with you guys, because it makes me cry, because it hurts me and my Delta crew. Its just a lesson to us to be more responsible.
But... even our company, Delta have a lot of issues, we've won a lot competition excepet for the sports competition and kawad kaki. Others, we own it with proud. I can feel how happy I am that day to be announce as a winner. Its good to see my friends happy, jump as happiness go through their life. I am so blessed. Oh by the way, Delta company have won THE BEST COMPANY! Yeahhhh baby US okay US!
The moral of the story is, I am happy and I am so blessed to have such beautiful friends. Thank you to Allah SWT for giving all this beautiful creatures. Alhamdulillah.