Thank You.

So the purpose of why I posting this is just to show how glad am I to have so many people around me  who willing to take care of me eventhough I don't think that I am one of their important person in their life. but thank to God for giving me such a nice and beautiful people. I can't believe that my 2014 is almost over, this is the nicest year ever.

A special thanks to my family Baba, Mama, Kakak, Abang Ezan, Kerry, Feyya, and Caceh and of course my late brother Jimboy for always be my inspiration eventhough you're not here anymore. You guys were such an inspirational people. Such a good vibes. I can't even imagine I'm losing one of you. Because I know how it hurts like so much hurts. For me, it is enough to me for losing Jimboy but not any one of you. And for me, I would to 'go' first before you guys. Thank you for being here with me, motivate me and you know guide me with some good advices. I'm sorry for all my mistakes and I'm sorry if I can't make you guys proud of me. I love you.

Not to forget, to my friends, I mean my beloved friends. My classmates, vanmates, my primary schoolmates, and even my secondary schoolmates. You guys are awesome, you guys are rock and cool. You guys are irreplaceable. Thank you for the girls for always carry when I faint. I know that this year I often fainted more than last year. I'm sorry that makes you to carry me, well haa I know that I'm heavy. But still proud of you girls. To my boys, you guys are insaneeeeeee. But not a bad insane, its a good insane. Thank you for being a joker to the class. Don't stop bring a lot of punchline hahaha so that we can laugh. By the way, I wish you all the best for the SPM examination, do your best and beat the rest. 5SAINS3 WE CAN!! I love you guys to the moon and back!

To my primary soulmates, Umi, Aimi, Pecal, Hakim, Euzzif, Hanis, Is, Dani omg I can't mention all of you, there are toooooooo manyyyyyyy of you. Hahaha thank you because all of you do not forget me eventhough I was wayyyy too far awayyyy from you (Kulai to Perling je pun) I'm sorry for all the promises that I can't make it to become true. It's hard for me to meet you there. You know I'm a 'house' girl. Anak Mak wehhhhh. But please know, that I always try my best to meet and hang out with you guys. Yeah, we have spent a little time together, and I will always make them a good memories. I love you guys. Goodluck for SPM, lets make our future bright !! I love you!

To the people who I just met and knew this year. Thank you for willing to know who I am. Nice to meet you guys. Its such an honoured to know better who you are, what do you like and more. We have to meet up sometimes and hang out more. If I have an opportunity to meet you guys, I will take the chance. I love you!


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